Hi to everyone!!!

I have been asked to say a little about myself, so…. My professional singing career started in March 2005, when I took part in the most important Italian TV pop festival, FESTIVAL DI SANREMO.  It was a great experience for me; I lived a true dream! After this festival, I made my first CD, L'AMORE E'SEMPLICE, featuring my best known single, L'IMMAGINARIO. I hope you like my style of Italian Pop.

I live in Italy, and I am, above all, an animal lover. Much of my time is in support of animal welfare groups. I was born on April 17, 1979, so I'm an Aries, and if you believe in astrology, I can tell you I'm a very typical one….stubborn, possessive and really sensitive. 

I started to sing ...when? Oh, I think I started to sing when I started to speak :)  I like to listen to many kind of music, not only pop. I simply adore 70's rock, especially "glam" like David Bowie and T-Rex; I love Janis Joplin's voice, but also Eurythmics and some from the 80's. Oh...the list of my favorites in music can be much too long. 


I live with my sweet and special brother (Pissu) in a city close to Siena, in Tuscany. Before, I lived some years in Rome, but I think it's really chaotic...yeah, a beautiful city...but chaotic!!! :-P

Oh, I'm still a student, too. I started university in 2004. Now, I'm in my third year majoring in Medieval history. I'm very interested in this course. Perhaps, after my singing career, I’ll be an archivist.  (Please, cross your fingers for me: I've many exams to do during this year ;-) !!!!

I'll be adding more music here as soon as I can. It is my sincere hope that you will be touched by my voice and music. I always think music can make every day nicer! 

Thanks to everyone,  


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